47 MLB Unisex-Adult Mens Clean Up Cap

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  • 100% Cotton
  • Adjustable strap closure – one size fits all
  • Made from 100% Cotton Twill; Relaxed Fit
  • Imported
  • Check out all new ’47 caps, knits, t-shirts, hoodies, pullovers, socks, scarves and more — available for all your favorite teams!
  • High quality raised embroidered team logo on front
  • Garment washed for softer look & feel

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47 Brand provides the quality all true fans desire in their gear. Known for their vintage look and feel, ’47 has managed to also provide a new school spin to this old school craze. Featuring tight, crisp stitching, relaxed fit and adjustable they are available for all of your favorite teams.

’47 brinda la calidad que todos los verdaderos aficionados desean en sus prendas. ’47, conocida por sus productos de aspecto y sensación retro, ha logrado también proporcionar un giro moderno a la moda de la vieja escuela. Las gorras cuentan con costuras ajustadas y nítidas, un ajuste holgado y cierre ajustable, y están disponibles con los logotipos de todos tus equipos favoritos.

Die Marke 47 bietet die Qualität, die alle wahren Fans in ihrer Ausrüstung wünschen. Bekannt für ihren Vintage-Look und das Gefühl, hat ’47 geschafft, diesem alten Schulverrückt auch einen neuen Schuldreher zu bieten. Mit engen, klaren Nähten, entspannter Passform und größenverstellbar sind sie für alle Ihre Lieblings-Teams erhältlich.

מותג 47 מספק את האיכות שכל המעריצים האמיתיים רוצים בציוד שלהם. ידועים במראה ובתחושת הוינטג’ שלהם, ’47 הצליחה לספק גם סיבוב בית ספר חדש לשיגעון הזה של בית הספר הישן. עם תפרים הדוקים, פריכים, גזרה רפויה ומתכווננים, הם זמינים עבור כל הקבוצות האהובות עליכם.

توفر العلامة التجارية 47 الجودة التي يرغب بها جميع المعجبين الحقيقيين في معداتهم. تشتهر العلامة التجارية 47 بمظهرها وملمسها العتيق، وقد تمكنت أيضًا من توفير دوران مدرسي جديد لهذا المجنون المدرسي القديم. تتميز بخياطة محكمة وواضحة، ومقاس مريح وقابل للتعديل، وهي متوفرة لجميع فرقك المفضلة.

A 47 Brand oferece a qualidade que todos os verdadeiros fãs desejam em seus equipamentos. Conhecido por sua aparência vintage, ’47 conseguiu também dar um novo toque escolar a esta mania antiga. Com costura firme e nítida, ajuste relaxado e ajustável, eles estão disponíveis para todas as suas equipes favoritas.

47 品牌提供所有真正粉丝想要的装备品质。 ’47 以其复古的外观和感觉而闻名,设法还为这个老派的热潮提供了一个新的学校旋转。 采用紧身、清晰的缝合、宽松合身和可调节功能, 所有您喜爱的球队都可以使用。

47 品牌提供所有粉絲對其裝備的真正品質。 ’47 以復古外觀和風格聞名,成功為老派狂熱者提供了一個新的學校旋轉。 採用緊密、清晰的縫線、輕鬆的版型和可調式設計,可用於所有您最喜愛的球隊。 ​

47 브랜드는 진정한 팬이 원하는 품질의 장비를 제공합니다. 빈티지한 외관과 느낌으로 유명한 ’47은 또한 이 올드 스쿨 열풍에 새로운 학교 분위기를 제공합니다. 타이트하고 빳빳한 스티칭, 편안한 핏과 조절 가능한 것이 특징이며, 좋아하는 모든 팀에 사용할 수 있습니다.

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10 reviews for 47 MLB Unisex-Adult Mens Clean Up Cap

  1. Amazon Customer

    Brought for my daughter senior pic and it did the job

  2. Oscar reveles


  3. RiRiGetsDOWN

    Everybody that saw my hat loved it. Wore it in Vegas on my bday.

  4. JP

    Needless to say, purchased this shirt to complete my Halloween costume. Fit perfectly. Looks close enough to the correct pattern that most would never really notice. Delivery was on time.Overall, nothing bad to say other than it seems a bit pricey for the quality of the material. But as a “specialty” product, I’d say it is in the realm of expected pricing.Would purchase again from the buyer as my experience was certainly positive

  5. Amazon Customer

    Loved the shoes. Purchased on Sept 27 and by Nov 10 the sole is wearing out with a hole/tear forming.The sole is soft and it feels like there is a section missing at the ball of your foot.A little hard to take on and off at first, a side zipper would have been helpful.Great if your wearing a few times for events but not if you walk a lot.Received many compliments.

  6. Benjamin P. Newborn

    Nicest pair of shoes I’ve ever purchased. They are a bit narrow for my feet though, so they took some breaking in. Also they have a very pungent leather smell that I don’t really mind, but might be too strong for some.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I used to have the legit version of this jacket from hot topic way back when I was a kid. In fact, my mom bought this jacket for me TWICE from hot topic back when they actually had this in circulation and sold it. Now they don’t sell the legit version of this jacket anymore for whatever reason. But I know many fans of the Invader Zim cartoon always ask for it. This copy is good enough, I noticed many differences off the bat. For starters, the legit jacket had gir’s floppy ears hanging off the hood but they are printed on instead on the copy. The animated zipper was colored gray on the legit jacket but it looks white on the copy. And the real jacket was made of cotton and the green was actual green fabric base material, the copy is made of polyester and it almost looks like a print, the inside looks white. As long as it holds up after a few washes its ok in my book. I missed this jacket, so i love it. Thanks

  8. brenda stevens

    Needs to be made available in larger sizes and better quality materials.

  9. jessica m.

    I got this for my brother for his bday and he loved it even though it fit a little to small he said it gave him and excuse to lose weight lol he said it’s his inspiration sweater since he loves this show

  10. DM

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