Padres’ OF Wil Myers: Fernado Tatis Jr. broke trust, but it can be ‘won back’

Wil Myers and Fernando-Tatis Jr.

Last week, MLB suspended San Diego Padres star shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. for 80 games after he violated the league’s performance-enhancing drug policy.

On Thursday, the 23-year-old reportedly met with the Padres’ president of baseball operations and general manager, A.J. Preller. However, Tatis has yet to address his teammates since news of the suspension broke.

Teammates anticipating Tatis’ long-awaited return from a wrist injury were no doubt shaken by the news that he won’t be back in the lineup until next season.

Tatis has also come under fire for appearing to duck responsibility, claiming he “inadvertently” took a banned substance used to treat ringworm.

Some of his teammates, like outfielder Wil Myers, say Tatis has to repair the trust he broke in the locker room.

“We just wanna hear him be genuine and honest in here,” Myers told ESPN’s Alden Gonzalez. “What happens in here stays in here. As far as the trust being broken — I think that’s obviously true in the respect of what happened, but that’s not to say that from a teammate perspective that can’t be won back.”

According to Gonzalez, Tatis will meet with Padres chairman Peter Seidler this weekend and is expected to meet with the team by the end of the week.

Tatis has 12 seasons remaining on a 14-year, $340 million deal that will end when two-time Silver Slugger will be 36 years old.

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